Tia Atwell (She/Her/Hers)

Community Responder (CRESS) Department
Title: Reponder #2212
Phone: 413-259-3370

Tia Atwell

Tia Atwell is the newest Community Responder, and is originally from the Berkshires. She has seen first-hand how a community can struggle to receive proper care with rehabilitation and mental health services. Tia grew up in the foster care system, and has real lived experience in the struggles that many others go through. This has provided her with a passion to help others to gain access to resources they desperately need. Tia is a Latina woman who was able to get her Hi-set in 2021 after facing adversities and leaving school in 2018. Tia has a large biological and adopted family which she holds close to her heart. She is also an artist who uses her free time to create intricate abstract pieces. Tia is all about helping others in any way she can. Tia believes all people deserve kindness and respect. Equity is for all and she sees people as people no matter the situation; everyone deserves access to services, which is what has led her to this department.


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