Tim Durocher (He/Him/His)

Community Responder (CRESS) Department
Title: Responder #2209
Phone: 413-259-3370

Tim Durocher 

Tim Durocher is a Community Responder originally from North Adams, and came to Amherst to study Political Science at UMass in 2018. Through his schooling here, he found a deep appreciation for the Amherst community, and wanted to do his part to try and make real change. He had the unique experience to intern at the Amherst Survival Center, and his work there also helped to tie him to the Amherst community. He has a passion for working for a community, as he plans to work in local municipal government one day. He enjoys playing soccer and studying history in his free time. Tim cannot wait to see what an impact the CRESS Department can have not only for Amherst, but for the rest of society. 


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