Rome Cabrera (He/Him/His)

Community Responder (CRESS) Department
Title: Responder #2208
Phone: 413-259-3370

Rome Cabrera

Rome Cabrera is one of the 8 Community Responders in the CRESS Department in Amherst, Massachusetts. Prior to taking on the role of a Community Responder in 2022, Rome was a recent student at UMass Dartmouth and majored in Political Science. Originally, Rome resided in Lawrence, Massachusetts up until 2018 and is now located in Athol. Born to an immigrant family, and the environment around him, Rome has witnessed first-hand the inequality present within the United States. A few key accomplishments are; working for the City of Lawrence, Town of Dartmouth, and being a first-generation college graduate. A goal held by Rome is to someday serve as the mayor of Lawrence and help the immigrant community. Through the CRESS Department, he wishes to help the Spanish speaking community found within Amherst, serving as a bridge through his bilingual skills.  


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