Kenneth Meikle (He/Him/His)

Community Responder (CRESS) Department
Title: Responder #2207
Phone: 413-259-3370

Kenneth Meikle Jr.

Kenneth Meikle Jr, known to his friends and family as “Q” is Community Responder #2207. He works alongside a diverse team of people who are committed to making the community feel safe and at ease. Kenneth brings a background in culinary, mental health, hospitality, peer leadership, and tons of lived experience. Originally from the Bronx NY, Kenneth has made Amherst his new home for him and his family, who he is deeply motivated and inspired by. Especially his children, who he would love nothing more than to make them proud. In his free time Kenneth enjoys making music, playing video games, playing basketball, being with his puppy, and spending time with friends and family.  


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