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Tree Planting Program, Property Access & Planting Permission Agreement

  1. I agree to permit access to my property by crews who will be under close supervision of DPW personnel for the purpose of planting trees. This access is being granted for the specific and sole purpose of work associated with the planting of trees on my property as part of the Town's tree planting program. I understand the DPW had made provision for the protection of my property from damage due to the planting work being performed by staff.
  2. I herewith grant permission to The Town of Amherst Tree Warden and the DPW to plant the above noted trees on my land under the provisions of MGL Chapter #87, Section #7 and that the noted trees shall be protected public shade trees (MGL Chapter 87, Section #1) for 3 years after planting. I also agree that after three years from the date of planting, ownership of and responsibility for all maintenance and care of said tree(s) will revert to the property owner of the below address.
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