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Wage & Tip Theft Complaint Form


  1. 1. Contact Information
  2. 2. Wage & Theft Complaint Details
  • Contact Information

    1. The Board of License Commissioners and the Town Human Rights Director shall be authorized to establish regulations or administrative procedures and to take any and all actions reasonable and necessary to further the purposes of this Bylaw or to obtain compliance with this Bylaw. 

      The Town Human Rights Director and the Police Department shall have the power to investigate violations of Section D of this Bylaw, and, to the extent consistent with law, with Section E and F of this Bylaw, pursuant to their own initiative or upon receipt of a report or complaint filed by an Employee or any other person. 

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    2. Against whom the Wage & Tip Theft Claim is filed

    3. Are you still employed by the named employer? *
    4. Was your terminiation: