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Posted on: April 13, 2021

Dog License Reminder

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The Amherst Town Clerk's office would like to remind dog owners that it’s time to obtain your 2021 dog tag and license. The licensing year starts April 1st and ends March 31st of each year, so all 2020 tags have now expired. State law requires all dogs six months of age or older to be licensed and wearing a tag (MGL c. 140, s. 137).

You may obtain a license through the mail, online at: (renewals only), or by calling our Animal Control Officer at 413-478-7084.

If mailing your request, please provide:

1. Your name, address and telephone number, dog’s name, breed, color(s) and age

2. A check payable to the Town of Amherst for the appropriate amount

3. Certificate of spaying or neutering, if applicable

4. Rabies vaccination certificate

5. A self-addressed, stamped, standard sized envelope

The fee for a dog license is $15 for a male or female dog, or $5 for a neutered or spayed dog. All rabies and spay/neuter certificates will be returned to you with the license and tag. 

Our mailing address is: Town Clerk, 4 Boltwood Ave., Amherst, MA 01002. 

Questions on any of the above? Email or call (413) 259-3035

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