False Alarm Fee Bylaw

FAQ's, False Alarm Fee Bylaw
How will I be notified that there has been a response to our home or business?
Your alarm company should be keeping you informed of all activations of your system. Also, the Amherst Officer will attempt to leave a Warning Notice at the location of the alarm, if 1 can be left conspicuously at the location.

When will I be invoiced for false alarms?

You are allowed 3 false alarms in a 12 month period, with no fee charged. On the event of a 4th alarm, in that same 12 month period, you will be fined according to the fee schedule in the bylaw: "First 3 responses Warning; Fourth response $ 50.00; Fifth response $ 75.00; Sixth response $100.00; Seventh response $150.00; Eighth and subsequent responses $200.00;"

I want to find out how many responses have been to my house, how do I do that?
Contact the Amherst Police Department Records Office at 413-259-3016 or via email.

In the past my alarm has been activated due to down power lines or electrical storms, do those count?
No, alarm activations that are a result of a storm will not be considered a "false alarm" and tallied against you.

How long to I have to pay?
Payment is due within 30 days, payable to the Town of Amherst. Please mail payment (check or money order, no cash) to the Amherst Police Records Office, 111 Main Street, Amherst, MA 01002.

Can I appeal a warning or fee?
Yes, contact the Amherst Police Department Records Office for the necessary forms.