Community Preservation Act Committee


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Committee Charge

Type: Standing
Authority: Town Meeting, April 25, 2001, Article 9
Appointing Authority: Town Council, other commissions
Voting Members:
Nine (9): one (1) member of the conservation commission; one (1) member of the historical commission; one (1) member of the planning board; one (1) member of the LSSE commission; one (1) member of the Housing Authority; four (4) citizens at-large
Term of Appointment: Three (3) years
Staff Support: Comptroller


Member Term Expires Role
Nate Budington, Chair 2019 At Large
Jim Oldham, Vice Chair 2018 At Large
Michael Birtwistle 2020 Planning Board
Fletcher Clark 2020 Conservation Commission
Sarah Eisinger 2020 At Large
Robin Fordham 2019 Historical Commission
Sarah Marshall 2019 LSSE Commission
Diana Stein 2018 At Large
David Williams 2022 Housing Authority


Studies the needs, possibilities and resources of the Town regarding community preservation; makes recommendations to the Town Council annually for the acquisition, creation and preservation of open space, for the acquisition and preservation of historic resources, for the acquisition, creation and preservation of land for recreational use, for the creation, preservation and support of community housing and for rehabilitation or restoration of such open space, historic resources, land for recreational use and community housing that is acquired or created as provided in the Community Preservation Act.

Community Preservation Act Plan - December 2017