Recycling & Refuse Management Committee

Meeting agendas and minutes are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval at the subsequent meeting. 

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Committee Members

The Committee is composed of 7 members appointed by the Town Manager serving 3-year terms.
Member Year Appointed Term Expires
John Root - Chair 2009 2018
Marilyn Blaustein 2017 2019
Sara Brown 2017 2020
Marian Hazzard 2016 2018
Kevin Hollerbach 2016 2019
Vacancy (2)    
The committee is charged with continuing to develop a comprehensive, long term solid waste plan that:
  1. emphasizes source separation and recycling, and full use of any regional recycling facility
  2. promotes regionalization of solid waste policy
  3. expands town recycling programs to include apartment and complexes
  4. investigates cooperative efforts that lead to recycling of solid waste from the University of Massachusetts, commercial firms and other institutions within the town
  5. initiates a town-wide program to compost what can be safely composted, including private, commercial and municipal organic debris
  6. evaluates and takes advantage of other state and federal programs that foster recycling, composting and waste reduction
  7. provides adequate and timely publicity, consultation and general education to those affected when designing or implementing new programs, and
  8. coordinates the introduction of a conservation curriculum with the Amherst School System.
Draft Solid Waste Master Plan Released

The Draft solid waste master plan has been released for public comment and can be seen here.

Any written comments about the plan can be submitted to or handed in in person at a Recycling and Refuse Management Committee meeting.

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