Appropriate Fees

Passport Service Fees

Service Fee
Passport Book, Age 16 and over (application fee),
 plus processing fee
Passport Book, Age 15 and under (application fee),
 plus processing fee
Expedite Fee - required when the passport is needed in 2-3 weeks rather than standard processing time
Passport Photos
Passport Card, Age 16 and over $301
Passport Card, Age 15 and under $151
1   Check or money order payable to the U.S. Department of State
2   Cash or check payable to the Town of Amherst (new fee effective April 2, 2018)
***Credit Cards are NOT accepted.

Passport Book

  • Valid for travel by any means (air, land or sea) to any destination
  • Valid for 10 years (adults), 5 years (minors under 16)
Passport Card
  • For use at land and sea ports-of-entry when entering the United States from Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean and Bermuda
  • Valid for 10 years (adults), 5 years (minors under 16)