Enforcement Times

View the Map for specific times of enforcement for lots and permitted lengths of parking in specific areas of Town.

Booting Information

Parking violators who have accumulated 5 or more violations that are over 21 days old are subject to having their vehicles booted. Once a vehicle has been booted, the owner of the vehicle has 24 hours to pay their overdue fines in addition to the boot removal fee in order to have the boot removed. If the overdue fines and removal fee are not paid within the 24 hours, the vehicle is then towed at the owner’s expense. The initial boot removal fee is $25; however, each time the same vehicle is booted, the boot removal fee increases by $25.

Enforcement Administration

Enforcement is done by the Amherst Police Department's Parking Enforcement division. For enforcement officer specific related inquiries email police@amherstma.gov.