Health Applications

Working cooperatively within the Inspection Services Department, a team of Public Health and Inspection professionals are responsible for protecting the public’s health, disease control and prevention, as well as promoting sanitary living conditions to ensure the maximum quality of life for residents and visitors in the Town of Amherst.

In conjunction with the Board of Health, Inspection Services issues a variety of permits and licenses pertaining to public health and safety. The licenses and permits range from food and tobacco licenses to recreational camp and septic system permits. Any fees associated with a license or permit is due with your application and are payable by check to The Town of Amherst.

  1. Health License
  2. Health Permit
  3. Livestock and Poultry
  4. Well Construction
  5. Wood Burning

Health Licenses are considered annual and must be renewed before January 1 of each calendar year.

Bed and Breakfast (PDF)

Body Arts Licenses

Food Establishment Licenses 

Hot Tub(s) / Spa(PDF)  

Ice Rink(PDF)     

Mobile Food Operations (PDF) 

Motel License(PDF)         

Removal of Offal License (PDF)

Removal of Rubbish License (PDF)

Septic Installer's License (PDF) 

Swimming Pool Operator (PDF)  

Tanning Salon License (PDF) 

Workers Compensation (PDF)