Camera Operator Producer

Tax Work-Off Plan, Job Description
Job Title
Camera Operator / Producer for LSSE Programs

Job Description
It is preferable if this position is filled by an experienced camera operator or producer, i.e. someone that has been trained in the Amherst Community Television public access program. The position involves filming LSSE programs and editing them for use by LSSE for promotional purposes – such as to air on ACTV, the Government channel.

Meet with LSSE Director and staff to formulate plan for selecting programs to be videotaped and to plan the production. Videotape and then edit various community programs. Assist with getting the videotape to ACTV for
airing. Also the camera operator will need to get signed releases from those who are being filmed. LSSE and ACTV have the release forms.

Skills Required
Video camera skills, production and editing skills, drivers license or the ability to get to LSSE programs independently. If the applicant does not have camera skills but is willing to learn, LSSE would be willing to accept an enthusiastic beginner as long as the applicant is willing to go through the ACTV volunteer training for camera / production work. These trainings are held frequently. LSSE would cover the small cost of the training.

Number of Hours Weekly

Days of the Week
Flexible- However, many programs are held in the evenings and on the weekends. Summer is the exception where many programs shift to day time and weekday.


Appropriate Attire
Casual dress is fine

Contact Information
If you are interested in applying for this position through the Tax Work-Off Plan please contact:
Maura Plante
Amherst Senior Center
70 Boltwood Walk
Amherst, MA 01002
Ph: 413-259-3213