Books to Homebound Elders Coordinator

Tax Work-Off Plan, Job Description
Job Title
  • Coordinate delivery of books to homebound Amherst residents
Job Description
  • Oversees selection and delivery of library materials to homebound Amherst residents
  • Selects materials for participants, checks them out and notifies volunteer drivers
  • Keeps track of library items
  • Stays in touch with homebound patrons to identify problems or solicit requests for specific items
  • Occasionally must go to patrons’ homes when volunteer drivers can not
Skills Required
  • Good organizational skills
  • Knowledge of popular reading material
  • Understanding of library system
  • Driver’s license helpful
Number of Hours Weekly
  • 2 Days of the Week
  • Flexible
  • Flexible
Appropriate Attire
  • Casual
Contact Information
If you are interested in this Tax Work-Off Plan position, please contact Maura Plante, program director, at 413-259-3213.