Dog Licenses

Dog License Renewals can now be completed online.

PLEASE NOTE:  The licensing year starts April 1st - renewals for the new year will begin on March 15th. 

State Law Requires a License

Licensing your dog is an important public safety requirement. All owners or keepers of a dog 6 months or older are required by state law to license it annually.

In the Town of Amherst this license should be obtained by the first day of April. A license will be issued only if the owner has evidence of a rabies vaccination that is valid as of the date of issuance.


The fee for a dog license is $15 for a male or female dog, or $5 for a neutered or spayed dog.

Dog licenses can be purchased from the Town Clerk's Office in Town Hall during regular business hours. 


Any owner or keeper of a dog who fails to license their dog by May 31st will be required by Town Bylaw to pay a late fee of $30.00 in addition to the license fee.