Summer ~ Outdoor Pools

Amherst's Mill River and War Memorial Pools will open June 17th!

35 hours per week at Mill River; 50 hours per week at War Memorial.

Pool membership registration is AVAILABLE HERE. Daily Pool Passes are available for purchase at our pools. 

Adult Amherst Resident Daily Pool Pass - $4
Adult Non-Resident Daily Pool Pass - $5
Child/Senior Resident - $3
Child/Senior Non-Resident - $4

Please see and subscribe to our google calendars for each pool found below. Please note, depending on the events and programming the schedule is subject to change. The google calendars will hold the most up to date information.

Five mornings a week at Mill; five evenings a week at both Mill & War for each two-week session. Registration for summer youth lessons is open! Please click here for more information! To register, please visit our registration portal!

Three mornings & two evenings a week at Mill from opening to July 19th.

Three mornings a week at Mill from July 3rd through mid-August.