Community Responders for Equity, Safety & Service


The reason for creating the Community Responders for Equity, Safety & Service (CRESS) department is to provide community safety services in situations that don’t involve violence or serious crime.  It will create a civilian, unarmed alternative to calls that might otherwise require a response from the Police Department.

The purpose is to ensure that any public safety response is anti-racist, equitable, just, and fair and that we offer preventative services that get at the root of assisting our community members to avoid necessitating public safety involvement in the first place. 

Implementation Team:

  • Brianna Owen, CSWG Co-chair
  • Ellisha Walker, CSWG Co-chair
  • Scott Livingstone, Police Chief
  • Tim Nelson, Fire Chief
  • Jennifer Moyston, Assistant Director of Diversity Equity, & Inclusion
  • Mike Curtin, Dispatch Supervisor
  • Gabe Ting, Police Captain
  • Russ Vernon-Jones, CSWG member

The Implementation Team is working to: 

  • Determine scope of CRESS
  • Relationship with police, fire, EMS
  • Identify calls directed to CRESS
  • Project number of CRESS responders and size of department
  • Develop job descriptions/recruit applicants
  • Review communication protocols
  • Develop outreach efforts
  • Create training requirements for CRESS staff
  • Develop program details including policies and procedures