After Your Vaccine

Thank you for coming to the Town of Amherst COVID-19 vaccine clinic and congratulations, we thank you for doing your part in helping end the pandemic.  Here is information for you to know regarding your immunization.

Haven't had a vaccine yet? Follow this link to check your eligibility and vaccine schedule.

1.) The Town of Amherst has been vaccinating with Moderna and Pfizer vaccine.  The vaccine type and lot number will be emailed to you with your vaccine record after your immunization.  If you need a copy of your vaccination please email us at

2.)  EUA sheets - Emergency Use Authorization sheet has Vaccine Information. It contains information such as how the vaccine works and coverage, possible side effects of the vaccine and how to report adverse reactions 

 Moderna COVID-19 EUA fact sheet

 Pfizer COVID-19 EUA fact sheet

3.) Report a vaccine reaction or adverse event: Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System VAERS

4.) Other important sites to monitor:

Massachusetts COVID-19 Vaccine Webpage

Moderna Vaccine Information CDC