Valley CDC-132 Northampton Road

  1. Introduction
  2. ZBA Review & Meetings
  3.  Application & Documents
  4. Project Eligibility
  5. Timeline & More Resources
Valley Community Development Corporation (CDC) is proposing to develop approximately 28 units of affordable housing at 132 Northampton Road.  The project is seeking a Comprehensive Permit per M.G.L Chapter 40B for the development of affordable housing.  The Comprehensive Permit allows all local permitting to take place with the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Valley CDC is a local non-profit corporation formed in 1988 that addresses the growing needs of low and moderate income people through developing and preserving affordable rental and ownership housing and providing economic opportunities through small business assistance (summarized from Valley CDC's website:

The project on Northampton Road is in response to the local need for small affordable rental units for extremely low- and low-income individuals.  The Master Plan (2010) and Housing Production Plan (2013) identify the severe lack of this type of housing, and recommend the creation of these units. The project would be one building that includes 28 small studio apartments as well as multi-purpose common room, a laundry room, and office space for the Resident Services Coordinator.  The project also includes the provision of support services for tenants.