Audit Committee

This committee is no longer active. 

Type:  Council
Legal Reference: Amherst Home Rule Charter Section 5.8: Independent Audit
Appointing Authority: Town Council President
Number of Voting Members: Three (3)
Term of Appointment: One Year
Staff Support: Clerk of the Town Council
Members of the Audit Committee
Patricia C. De Angelis, Chair
Mandi Jo Hanneke
Dorothy S. Pam, Vice Chair

Composition: Three (3) members of the Town Council 

Purpose: Annually provide for an outside audit of the books and account of the Town to be conducted by a certified public accountant, or a firm of certified public accountants, which has no personal interest, direct or indirect, in the fiscal affairs of the Town or any of its officers.

 Charge: The Audit Committee shall: 

  • adopt procedures for selection of an accountant or firm to perform an audit in                   compliance with the Town Charter; 
  • meet with the independent auditor to review the annual independent audit of the              Town’s financial statements; and 
  • report its findings to the Town Council.

Reports: The report of the Audit Committee, including a report of the audit in final form, shall be filed with the Town Council and the Town Manager not later than March 1 in the year following its award. 

Action: The Town Manager shall include in the annual budget a sum of money sufficient to satisfy the estimated cost of conducting the audit as presented to the Town Manager, in writing, by the Town Council. 

Charge Adopted: March 18, 2019