Community Resources Committee

The March 25, 2020 Community Resources Committee meeting has been cancelled, please see the 2020 Meeting Schedule for upcoming meeting dates.

Type:  Council
Legal Reference: Amherst Home Rule Charter Section 2.6(e)
Appointing Authority: Town Council President
Number of Voting Members: Five (5)
Term of Appointment: 1 year
Staff Support: Town Manager or Designee
Patricia De Angelis
Dorothy Pam, Vice Chair
Stephen Schreiber
Andy Steinberg
Mandi Jo Hanneke, Chair

Composition: Five (5) Town Councilors

Purpose: To advise the Town Council on matters related to the economic vitality and quality of life in Amherst.

The CRC shall focus on the following areas among others:

  •  Planning, zoning, land use, and the Master Plan
  •  Community and economic development, including art and culture
  •  Housing mix, housing affordability, and neighborhoods

Charge: Actions of the CRC may include:

A. Review and make recommendations to the Town Council on matters referred to the CRC regarding:

  • planning, zoning or land use policies;
  • policies related to the public ways and public resources;
  • policies regarding housing and homelessness;
  • policies regarding the relationship between the Town and Amherst institutions of higher education;
  • actions regarding the Master Plan in accordance with Charter Section 9.8; and
  • measures to support the local economy of Amherst.

B. Collaborate and/or coordinate with Town Departments, through the Town Manager, or Town Committees as appropriate.

C. Upon request by the Town Council, the CRC may study and consider other issues affecting community resources, sustainability, and economic development. 

D. The CRC may offer policy and other recommendations within its purview for Town Council discussion and consideration. 

Reports: To the Town Council, as necessary 

Action: None 

Charge Adopted: March 18, 2019