Participatory Budgeting Commission

This commission is not currently active. This is an archival page of its work. 

Committee Charge

Type:  Ad Hoc
Authority: Amherst Home Rule Charter Section 10.11
Appointing Authority: Town Council President & Town Manager
Number of Voting Members: Seven (7)
Term of Appointment: Two (2) years
Special Municipal Employees: Yes
membership of participatory budgeting commission for the Town of Amherst
Membership   Appointed Term Expires
Holly Bowser Ex Officio  
John Fenske 2019 2021
Meg Gage, Chair 2019 2021
Elizabeth Larson 2019 2021
Jonathan McCabe 2020 2021
John Page 2019 2021
Cathy Schoen, Town Councilor 2019 2021

Authority: Section 10.11 of the Amherst Home Rule Charter adopted on March 27, 2018 requires the Town Council to create a Participatory Budgeting Commission. 

In accordance with the Town Charter, the purpose of the Participatory Budgeting Commission is to propose: “a measure to adopt participatory budgeting or other similar method of resident participation in the budgeting process in Amherst”. 

Membership: Section 10.10 of the Amherst Home Rule Charter states: The commission shall consist of 7 members: 1 shall be the Finance Director or designee, 1 shall be a Town Council representative, 2 shall be residents appointed by the Town Council, and 3 shall be residents appointed by the Town Manager. 

Reports: The Participatory Budgeting Commission shall propose a measure to the Town Council by December 1, 2020. 

Action by Town Council: The Town Council shall act by voting upon the proposed measure with or without amendments within 90 days of receipt. 

Charge Adopted: December 10, 2018