Finance Committee

For the previous Finance Committee that existed prior to the adoption of the Home Rule Charter in 2018, see its archived page.

Committee Charge

Type: Council
Legal Reference: Amherst Home Rule Charter Section 5.5
Appointing Authority: Town Council President (Councilors), Town Council (non-voting members)
Voting Members: Five (5) Councilors
Non-Voting Members: Three (3) Residents
Term of Appointment One (1) Year (Councilors) or Two (2) Years (Residents)
Special Municipal Employees (SME): Yes (per M.G.L. ch. 268A §1(n), Councilors serving on Finance cannot claim SME status, even though the Finance Committee, as an entity, is designated as such.)
Staff Support: Town Manager or Designee


Member Appointed Expiration Role
Andrew Steinberg, Chair 2019 2021 Councilor
Cathy Schoen, Vice Chair 2019 2021 Councilor
Pat De Angelis 2019 2021 Councilor
Lynn Griesemer 2019 2021 Councilor
Dorothy Pam 2019 2021 Councilor
Robert Hegner 2019 2021 Non-voting Resident
Bernard Kubiak 2020 2022 Non-voting Resident
Sharon Povinelli 2019 2021 Non-voting Resident

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Five (5) Voting Members, who are current Town Councilors.

Three (3) Non-Voting Members, who are residents.

Selection of resident members shall be based on relevant experience, skills and policy knowledge, with an emphasis on municipal and public finance.

A quorum shall be 3 Councilors.

Purpose: The Finance Committee shall advise the Town Council on all financial matters.

ChargeThe Finance Committee shall:

  • Review all annual budgets, supplemental budgets and other appropriations, and financial transfers; the capital inventory and capital improvement program and the infrastructure; the purchase, sale, or leasing of land and/or buildings; and borrowing and debt. (Charter §5.1-5.7)
  • Have the authority at any time to investigate the books, accounts, and management of any Town agency and, via a request to the Town Manager, Superintendent, or Library Director, as appropriate, to require officers and employees of the Town to appear before it and to provide information. (Charter §5.5(b))
  • Hold a public hearing on the budget proposed by the Town Manager and thoroughly review the budget and make recommendation to the Council within 30 days of receipt and referral by the Town Council.
  • Review any requests for new appropriations or supplemental budgets not included in the annual budget as adopted. Finance shall report back to the Town Council, which shall then hold a public forum regarding the request before taking final action. (Charter §5.6)
  • Upon referral from the Town Council, review and hold hearings on water, sewer and other municipal utility rates.

Reports: To the Town Council, as necessary.

Service on Other Budget-related Committees: 

Charge Adopted: December 17, 2018

Charge Revised: April 1, 2019; April 22, 2019

SME Status Voted: April 22, 2019