Town Home Rule Charter

The charter of the Town of Amherst is the Amherst Home Rule Charter (PDF).

*The previous charter of the Town of Amherst was the Amherst Town Government Act (PDF). 

Elected Governing Bodies

Registered voters of the Town elect its:

  • Legislature
    • Town Council: consisting of 13 members which shall exercise the policy leadership and legislative powers of the Town. Three (3) of these members, to be known as Councilors-at-Large, shall be nominated from and elected by the voters. Ten (10) of these members, to be known as District Councilors, shall be nominated from and elected by the voters in each district, with 2 such Councilors to be elected from each of the 5 districts into which the Town is divided under Sections 7.4 and 10.7(e) . Town Council page coming soon. 
  • Executive: Administration of all Town fiscal, prudential, and municipal affairs shall be vested in the executive branch, headed by the Town Manager The Town Manager is appointed by the Town Council and is responsible for all Town departments, employees, and functions except the schools and libraries. 
  • 5-member School Committee
  • 6-member Library Board of Trustees
  • Other officials that are not part of Amherst Town Government
View the Town Organization Chart (PDF). 

Schools and Libraries

Leadership of the schools and libraries is appointed as follows:
  • A Superintendent of Schools is appointed by the School Committee
  • A Library Director is appointed by the Library Board of Trustees

Boards and Committees

 (Updates coming soon)
Town Government also includes:
  • Over 30 regulatory and advisory boards, committees, and commissions appointed by the Select Board and Town Manager
  • A Finance Committee appointed by the Moderator to advise Town Meeting on financial matters including the Budget Process (PDF)

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