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The Amherst Planning Board is responsible for numerous matters related to community planning, development, and land use. The Board conducts studies on land use, including development, housing, transportation, economic development, and zoning.

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Michael Birtwistle 
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Christine Gray-Mullen (Vice-Chair) 2015 2020
Jack Jemsek (Clerk) 2016 2022
David Levenstein 2018 2020
Janet McGowan 2019
Pari Riahi 2015 2021
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Kendrick Place

Site Plan Review 2014-00004 - Kendrick Place - 57 East Pleasant Street - Material distributed at August 19, 2015, Planning Board meeting showing sidewalk to be constructed during summer/fall 2015.

One East Pleasant Street 

(formerly the Carriage Shops)
The Planning Board has received a Site Plan Review application (SPR2015-00003) for approval of a mixed-use building containing dwelling units in combination with ground floor retail/commercial uses and parking, with 78 apartments on Floors 2 through 5 and a Special Permit Planning application (SPP2015-00001) to modify maximum building coverage (70 to 80%) and maximum height (55' to 60') (Map 11C, Parcel 278. B-G zoning district).
OneEastPleasant1 OneEastPleasant2

Site Plan Review application materials:

SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Application (PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Arch and Site Drawings (PDF, Large File)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Civil Drawings (PDF)
SPR2015-03 One Revised Draft Renderings (PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Site and Ltg Plan (PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Stormwater Mgmt Plan (PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Traffic Impact Study (PDF)

Presentation given to Planning Board on October 22, 2014

SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Civil Rev Full Set (PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Civil Rev Stormwater Mgmt Plan (PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Rev_Elevations (PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Rev_Elevation_North (PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Rev_Elevation_North Aerial (PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Rev_Elevation_South (PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant One E Pleasant Calculations(PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Lease(PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant  Master Plan Excerpts(PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Rev_Roof Plan(PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Rev_Section(PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Rev_Site Plan(PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Rev_Upper Floor Plan(PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Rev_Landscape Plan(PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Rev_Rendering Cemetary(PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Rev_Rendering NW Corner(PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Rev_Rendering SW Corner(PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Town Map(PDF)

New Material - Received October 1, 2014

SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Carriage Shops Postcard (PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Kendrick Park (PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Master Plan Comments (PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Rendering Cemetery Side w/Mural (PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Rendering Northwest (PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Rendering E Pleasant Street (PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Site Plan Updated 10-1-14 (PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Woonerf Comp Images (PDF)

Memoranda from Planning Director, Jonathan Tucker, to Planning Board

SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Memo JTucker Appropriate Building Scale (PDF) 10/17/14
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Memo JTucker Downtown Parking Issues (PDF) 10/17/14

Other Documents & Information:

SPR2015-03 DRB Memorandum (DRB meeting September 30, 2014) PDF   
SPR2015-03 Excerpt from DRB Memorandum (DRB Meeting October 21, 2014) PDF   
SPR2015-03 Jonathan Tucker's Email to Planning Board (Demographics of 24 to 35 yrs. old) PDF
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Preliminary Development Application Report (PDF)
SPR2015-03 One E Pleasant Town Engineer Review I (PDF)

Special Permit Planning application materials:

SPP2015-01 Request to Withdraw Special Permit Application to Modify Building Coverage (PDF) NEW!
SPP2015-01 One E Pleasant Special Permit Application (PDF)  
SPP2015-03 One E Pleasant Special Permit Application (PDF)
SPP2015-03 Email RE: Application (PDF)

Public Comments:

Letters from Citizens (PDF) Last update  12/8/14

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