Public Art Commission - About the Board


The Public Art Commission was established by Town Meeting on April 23, 1990, to foster greater community awareness of the interaction with public art, and through public art, promote cultural diversity and an improved quality of life for Amherst’s citizens. Responsibilities include developing guidelines for public art, proposing to the Select Board an annual budget, seeking funding sources for public art, encouraging integration of art in public and private development, interacting with all Town Boards, serving as a resource in educating developers, officials, and committees about possibilities for public art; and developing policies for publicly owned works in Amherst.


Appointed by the Select Board. 7 members / 3-year terms.
Member Name
Year Appointed
Term Expires
Eric Broudy, Chair
2013 2019  
Amy Crawley 2015 2018  
William Kaizen 2017 2020  
Ellen Keiter 2015 2018  
Rene Theberge 2012 2018  
Vacant (2)      
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