Tree Plantings

Tree planting N. Amherst 2014_thumb.jpg
In front of the old Survival Center, May, 2014 (photo by Tom Lynn)
The town has extended its three year planting effort for a fourth year to finish planting 2,000 new shade trees along town roads.  In 2013, 325 trees were planted. Last year, about 600 more went in.  As of October 15, 2015, 1100 new trees have been planted.  We hope to get the rest of the trees in the ground in 2016.  Meanwhile, our shade tree committee continues with our own planting projects:

Amherst Neighborhood Tree Stewards Program (ANTS)

Each year we seek one neighborhood interested in working together to plant new shade trees. Participants work with us to select, plant, water, mulch and learn how best to care for young trees. In our first year with this program, 2012, we chose Woodside Ave. and planted 14 new public shade trees.  In 2013, we picked the Blue Hills Road neighborhood. 2014 saw us planting 10 new trees along Fisher and Harris Streets with loads of help from the neighborhood. In 2015, we selected Potwine Lane and planted 18 trees!  We took 2016 off but in 2017, we planted along Stanley Street and Tamarack Lane.

We invite you and your neighborhood to apply for the next ANTS Project.  You can fill out a form here.  For more info, please contact Nancy Higgins

Second Saturday Planting Project

The Public Shade Tree Committee also plants trees on the second Saturday of every month. The planting continues what began in the fall of 2012, when the committee planted a ceremonial tree on Jeffrey Lane to recognize Bill Hutchinson for his years of service to the committee.

Longmeadow Drive April 13
Colonial Village May 11
ARPS June 8 
Whippletree Lane, July 13
Crocker FarmSchool, September 14
October 19 Location TBA

Planted 2018
North Pleasant Street
Palley Village Road
Longmeadow Drive
Amity Street continued

Planted 2017
Amity Street
North Pleasant Street
Country Corners
East Street Common
South Pleasant Street

    Planted 2016
April:  N. Pleasant Street by UMass
May:   Rolling Green
June:  Hallock Street
July:   Colonial Village
Sept.: Chestnut Court
Nov.:  Hobart Lane

Celebrate Public Shade Tree Planting in Amherst 2016

The Amherst Public Shade Tree Committee (APSTC) invites you and your neighborhood to apply to become this year's Neighborhood Tree Steward Project. We're seeking one Amherst neighborhood in need of public shade trees with several interested households to work with us.  We will help you select, plant, water, mulch, and learn how to care for your newly planted trees. Last October, we worked with neighbors on Potwine Lane and planted 18 new public shade trees.  Interested? Contact Nancy Higgins.

 Application deadline: September 1, 2016.

poster photo

2015 Potwine Lane

potwine tree planting 2015.10.24 051 low

2014 Fisher/Harris Streets

Dsc00254 harris st low resize

2013 Blue Hills Road

Blue Hills Rd. 082 low

2012 Woodside Avenue


2012 Mill Lane

Mill Lane 4
tree planting 025 planting low.jpg