Town of Amherst Reforestation Program

Welcome to the Urban Forest Restoration Plan webpage! Information about the forest restoration plan can be found on this page and through the links on the left hand side of this page. Please read through the information on this page and the links to gain information about newly planted trees and requesting a tree planting.

The Goal
Over a 3 year period, The Division of Tree and Grounds will plant a minimum of 2000 trees along Amherst’s roads, parks, commons and schools. They will prune, mulch, fertilize and provide the necessary plant health care to the town’s public trees. Staffing for the project will consist of 2 paid student interns from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture at UMass.

The students will begin the internships in April and work till the last week of August in 2013. Trees planted along the Public Right of Way (PRW) will be sited using right tree right place guidelines and will utilize MGL Chapter 87 setback tree planting options when an appropriate site is not available within the PRW. Trees will also be sited to maximize energy conservation around town buildings, shading of parking areas and mitigation of storm water runoff. Trees being planted will consist of balled and burlapped, containerized, or bare root.