Snow & Ice

Snow & Ice Division

Winter is a topic that the Department of Public Works focuses on year-round. Snow and ice operations are the responsibility of the Highways Division, with personnel support coming from all the Public Works Divisions.

The Town plows and treats 125 miles of roads and all Town parking lots.

Treating Road Surfaces

Salt is used on all road surfaces. The salt is mixed with liquid Ice B'gone (external link) at the spinners.


Snow and/or ice removal from sidewalks is the responsibility of the property owner. Depending on storm conditions, The Town may send a sidewalk plow around on the major sidewalks to assist residents with this task. Once the Town machine has passed, the resident is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk in a passable condition. Any issues with sidewalks not being cleared are under the jurisdiction of the Inspections Department who can be contacted at 413-259-3030.

Sidewalk Plowing Map and List

Sand is available at the DPW and business owners in the Town center are still responsible for clearing their sidewalks.