Recycling - Solid Waste




To operate a solid waste transfer and recycling facility and to promote programs that are viable alternatives to landfilling.

Trash Disposal Option for Amherst, Pelham and Shutesbury Residents

The Amherst Transfer Station operates an affordable, environmentally friendly Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) waste disposal program for residents with the purchase a Transfer Station Vehicle Sticker.

How does it work?  Participants agree to purchase and use only specific pre-paid trash bags, and bring them, along with their sorted paper and container recycling, to the transfer station during operating hours. The pre-paid bags are sturdy (3 millimeter thick), 33-gallon bright blue bags with the Amherst Town Seal printed on them and are sold in rolls of ten for $30.  There is no additional fee for disposal of recyclable paper and containers.

How do I benefit? Participants only pay for the trash they generate, rather than a set quarterly or bi-annual fee.  With conscientious recycling, the amount of trash generated and the cost of its disposal is significantly reduced.  Essentially, the more you mindfully recycle, the less you pay for trash disposal.  The purchase of a Transfer Station Vehicle Sticker also provides access to other Transfer Station services such as metal recycling, and furniture, appliance, and leaf and yard waste disposal.  

How do I sign up? Purchase an annual Transfer Station Sticker online (see below) or at the Transfer Station (740 Belchertown Road) during operating hours. The stickers are valid from July through June and cost $100 per vehicle. The current sticker will expire at the end of July 2021.  Pre-paid trash bags are available for purchase at the Transfer Station (cash or check only, please). 

The Transfer Station is open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays 8am-2pm.  Facemasks are required and participants are asked to maintain a safe distance from others.   Please keep in mind the Transfer Station is a “drop-off facility” to which residents transport their own trash and recyclables (it is not a curbside program). 


FY21 Transfer Station Stickers 

Click here to get your stickers online!

Transfer Station Stickers are available to Amherst, Pelham and Shutesbury residents!

Renewal forms are also available at the Transfer Station. Paper forms must be completed and submitted using one of the following options:

  • Purchased at Transfer Station (cash or check, exact amount only)
  • Mailed to Amherst DPW, 586 So. Pleasant St, Amherst MA 01002 (check only)
  • Returned to the blue drop box in the Amherst DPW entry (check only)

Once your form and payment is processed, you should receive your sticker within a few days.

Transfer Station and COVID-19

The Town continues to keep the Transfer Station open to the public with only a small number of program changes.  Cash and check are accepted for any payments. 

The following services are not available:

    -Styrofoam Recycling

    -Book Shed

    -Take it or leave it

    -Flower pot exchange

All other items will be accepted.    

We are working hard to provide safe services and minimize customer time spent at the Transfer Station.  To that end, please remember these important tips:

-   The Transfer Station is not as  busy in the morning hours

•    Masks should be worn at all times if social distancing is not possible.

•    Minimize trips to the Transfer Station as much as possible to reduce the number of customers on-site at any time.  (less trips also reduce your carbon footprint)

•    Organize materials prior to arriving at the facility to minimize the time spent on-site.  Have things presorted and ready to be disposed of.

•    Do not linger at the Transfer Station; it is not a location to socialize with neighbors or friends.  

These changes will stay in effect until further notice. Remember the protection of our employees and facility users are most important to us.

Please call 413-259-3050 if you have any questions

Receive Email Alerts and Reminders about Waste and Recycling 

If you would like notification about waste and recycling-related news and events, sign up for one of the waste-related options of the Town's "Notify Me" feature. Residents and stakeholders who have signed up will receive email or text messages when related information is released.