North Amherst

Existing zoning map
This document depicts the existing zoning districts within the North Amherst center area.

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ZSC Walkabout - May 19, 2010
As part of the Zoning Subcommittee's initial introduction to the potential rezoning of the North Amherst center, the members conducted an informal "walkabout" on May 19, 2010. Nearly 25 people were in attendance and participated in the approximately 1.2 mile loop walk around the heart of the North Amherst.

This document was prepared to represent what was observed during the walkabout and should not be considered an inventory of the area. In addition to photographs, the document includes links to the Town GIS information for many of the properties observed during this walk about.

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Amherst Comprehensive Planning Study: Defining Village
Boundaries & Open Space Preservation Strategies - May 2004
This document, prepared by the Department of Landscape architecture and Regional Planning at the University of Massachusetts in 2004, was prepared for the Amherst Comprehensive Planing Committee (CPC). The document is 122 pages long and covers several areas of Town, including specific discussions about North Amherst.

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Urban Form Analysis and Model Form-Based Regulations - September 4, 2007
This document provides an analysis and set of model regulations which were created in conjuction with the Planning Amherst Together process. The document utilizes the public input gained during Planning Amhest Together process and 3D modeling to illustrate how changes to the building environment may appear as a result implementing Form-Based Code as outlined in the Master Plan.

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