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Amherst Board of Health Adopts New Tobacco Regulation
After much consideration, the Amherst Board of Health, acting under the Authority of M.G.L. Chapter 111, Sec. 31voted unanimously on May 14, 2015 to adopt tobacco regulations entitled “Regulation of the Amherst Board of Health Restricting the Sale of Tobacco Products.” Public comments were received at a Public Hearing on April 9, 2015. The regulation amends the definition of tobacco, includes restrictions on the sale of flavored tobacco products, increases the minimum legal sales age to twenty-one, bans the sale of tobacco products within 500 feet of a school, and amends cigar pricing/packaging restrictions. The penalty section includes possible revocation of the tobacco sales permit after multiple offences. This regulation is effective on August 15, 2015.

 View the regulation: Regulation of the Amherst Board of Health Restricting the Sale of Tobacco Products (PDF)

Amherst Board of Health
The Board of Health is responsible for the protection and promotion of public health, the control of disease, and the promotion of sanitary living conditions for the Town of Amherst. The Board of Health oversees health policies for the Town of Amherst including:
  • Creating new policy
  • Review of existing policy
  • Holding public hearings on existing policies
  • Review and determination regarding variance requests for existing policies

View current: Board of Health Regulations

The Board of Health is comprised of 5 appointed members each serving a 3 year term. The Board of Health is represented by the Amherst Health Department in day-to-day activities. The Amherst Health Department is responsible for implementation of the Board of Health policies including enforcement, inspection and fines if necessary.

Current Board of Health Members
Member Year Appointed Term Expires
Marco Boscardin - Chair 2013 2018
Diane Amsterdam, MD 2013 2016
Nancy Gilbert 2009 2016
Julie Marcus 2012 2018
John Tobiason 2014 2017
Each of the 5 members is appointed by the Town Manager for 3-year terms.
The Board of Health generally meets the third Thursday of each month. Meetings are posted on the Event Calendar on the Town of Amherst website, as well as posted with the Amherst Town Clerk.

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