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W. Tim Nelson
Fire Chief
 Mailing Address
 P.O. Box 654
 68 N Pleasant Street
 Amherst, MA  01004    
Business Office
Ph: 413-259-3082
Fx: 413-256-4087
 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
 Business office open
 Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm

Station Contact Information
Station Contact Number
Fire Chief's Office Ph: 413-259-3082
Fx: 413-256-4087
Central Station Ph: 413-259-3086
North Station Ph: 413-259-3085

Station Contact Information
Chief Officers Contact Number Email
Fire Chief W. Tim Nelson 413-259-3082 Email
Asst. Chief Lindsay Stromgren 413-259-3127 Email
Asst. Chief Donald McKay 413-259-3130 Email 
Fire Prevention Officer Michael Roy 413-259-3245 Email

Captains Contact Number Email
Dunn, William 413-259-3290  Email 
Goodhind, Timothy 413-259-3261 Email
Ingram, John 413-259-3269 Email 
Miner, David 413-259-3264 Email 
Olmstead, Jeffrey 413-259-3265 Email 
Sterling, Brian 413-259-3266 Email 
Tebo, Larry 413-259-3263 Email
Theilman, Paul 413-259-3268 Email