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Posted on: March 3, 2017

Amherst Chosen to Participate in Grinspoon Foundation Energy Efficiency Initiative

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During the coming weeks a vehicle equipped with high resolution infrared, data and imaging capabilities will gather images of 100,000 residences in Amherst and other select communities in the region to depict their level of structural heat loss.  Images will be processed and analyzed by a heat flow model that places residences into tiered categories of efficiency from Tier 1 being the least efficient to Tier 5, the most efficient.  The 20,000 least efficient homes in the Tier 1 category will receive a free energy efficiency analysis report that will include specific recommendations and identification of the point at which the most significant leak occurs in the structure.  

The pilot project is being funded by the Grinspoon Foundation in hopes that the technology may be utilized on a broader scale and will offer an accurate level of analysis similar to what can be achieved through a traditional home energy audit for a fraction of the time and cost. "I am incredibly excited about this opportunity for Amherst residents and the potential for this technology," said Stephanie Ciccarello, Amherst's Sustainability Coordinator. "A homeowner could install the most efficient heating system available, but if the envelope of the building is leaky and drafty they are losing heat and money.  Sealing drafts and leaks as well as ensuring insulation is properly installed is one of the most effective means of addressing a home's energy efficiency.  This technology will accurately depict where the areas of weakness are in the structure and thus where a homeowner can focus their efforts."

For more information, contact Stephanie Ciccarello at

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