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The legislative body of the Town of Amherst is a Representative Town Meeting, consisting of 240 elected Town Meeting members, 24 from each of 10 precincts plus 14 ex officio members: the 5 members of the Select Board, the 5 members of the School Committee, the President of the Library Trustees, the Chair of the Finance Committee, the Moderator, and the Town Manager. The Annual Town Meeting usually begins in late April or early May.
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Current & Upcoming Events

Fall 2017 Special Town Meeting concluded on Monday, November 13, 2


Recent Events

TMCC/LWV Warrant Review will be rebroadcast on ch. 17.  Check the Amherst Media Schedule for channel 17  for additional times.. For On Demand viewing visit

Residents can contact Town Meeting members by email. Visit .  Click on, fill out and submit a simple form with your comments that will automatically be sent to TM members in your precinct who have opted to receive these emails.

Fall Special Town Meeting - November 6, 2017

Warrant |  Updated! Unofficial Results | Attendance
(All in PDF Format unless noted - Results, Attendance, and Votes are updated the day after each session of Town Meeting)

Electronic Voting Results 
Nov. 6 , 2017 Article 3, 4, 5, and 6  PDF | Excel 
Nov. 8, 2017 Articles 10, 13, and 15  PDF | Excel
New! Nov. 13, 2017 Articles 10, 13, and 15  PDF | Excel 

Other Related Documents:
TMCC Preparing for Town Meeting
Motion Sheet

Town Meeting Packet Materials
Town Clerk Notice Fall 2017 STM
Final Town Meeting Warrant
Finance Committee Report
Article 3-7 Marijuana FAQ Sheet 
Article 6 - Planning Board Report Zoning Recreational Marijuana Retailer
Article 7 - PB Report Zoning Temp Moratorium on Recreational Marijuana Establishments
Article 8 - PB Report Zoning Table 3 Footnotes Miscellaneous
Article 9 - PB Report Zoning Parking Facilities 
Article 10 - SC Regional District Planning Committee
Article 11 - SC Resolution Re Charter School Funding and Expansion
Article 12 - PSTC General Bylaw Public Shade Trees
Article 13 - TMCC General Bylaw Town Meeting Advisory Committee 
Article 14 - Petition Design for Significant Improvements to North Amherst Library
Article 15 - Petition General Bylaw Net Zero Energy Town Buildings
Article 16 - Petition Resolution in Support of 100 Percent Renewable Energy 
Article 17 - Petition Resolution in Support of the End of Life Options Act
TMCC Warrant Review
TMCC Warrant Discussions (previously called Precinct Meetings)

New! Documents from back table at Town Meeting: (If you put a document on the back table at Town Meeting, please send it to so we can post it on this page.)
Article 14 Vote Yes - Nilsen, Keller, & Platt

New! Presentations at Town Meeting:
Article 6 - Potential Recreational Marijuana Locations Mapped
Article 6 - Recreational Marijuana Southern Meadow Street Property
Article 8 - Map B-L District Dickinson Street 

Petitions Certified to Date:

   1) Non Binding Resolution End of Life Solutions
   2) Non Binding Resolution in Support of Renewable Energy
   3) Zero Energy Town Building Bylaw
   4) North Amherst Library Capital Upgrades

Town Meeting Archive – Past Town Meeting Warrants, Results and Related Information

Questions? Contact:
Town Manager's Office
4 Boltwood Avenue
Email | 413-259-3001 

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