EMT Paramedic

This is the highest level of EMT certification in Massachusetts.

EMT Paramedic requirements include:
  • Must have been certified for at least a year as an EMT Basic / Intermediate prior to Paramedic certification
  • Must complete a nationally-approved course of instruction totaling about 2,000 hours of instruction and practical exercises; This rigorous training averages about 18 months to complete, ending with a thorough written and practical test
  • A paramedic student receives, sometimes grueling, instruction in anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, and cardiac emergencies
  • Following certification, the EMT Paramedic must complete a 30-hour refresher course every 2 years, as well as an additional 48 hours of supplemental training, to remain certified
Skills Once Certified
Once certified, the paramedic can deliver many of the same medical procedures for heart attacks and breathing problems that can be delivered in a hospital emergency room.