EMT Intermediate

EMT Intermediate requirements include:
  • Must have been certified for at least a year as an EMT Basic prior to Intermediate certification
  • Must then complete another state-approved course of instruction for about 200 hours of additional instruction, including class work, practical demonstration, and observation; The curriculum focuses on breathing problems and the body's reaction to shock
  • The candidate must complete hands-on skills in an actual hospital setting
  • Thereafter, the EMT Intermediate must complete a 20-hour refresher course every 2 years, as well as an additional 28 hours of supplemental training, to remain certified
Skills Once Certified
After certification, must be able to:
  • Introduce an emergency breathing tube (called an endotracheal tube) to a patient having extreme difficulty breathing or not breathing at all
  • Start an intravenous (IV) lifeline, which delivers fluid to a patient in shock or secures an avenue for other medical personnel to deliver medications