Residential Trash & Recycling

If you live in an apartment or multi-family complex...
Special dumpsters or carts should be provided for tenant trash and recycling. If you carry your recyclables to the recycling dumpster in a plastic bag, please dispose of the bag in the trash after emptying its contents into the recycling cart.

If you rent a house or part of a house...
Consult your landlord or lease agreement to determine who is responsible for trash and recycling removal. If you are responsible, homeowner options (below) apply.

If you are a homeowner...
Homeowners have the following two options for trash service:

1) Hire a Private Waste Hauler
Private waste haulers, licensed by the Amherst Board of Health, offer curbside trash and recycling collection (for a fee) to Amherst residents. Waste haulers are found in the Yellow Pages under Garbage Removal. Your trash and recycling will not be picked up until you have a contract with a waste hauler.  Residential hauler contact info

Keep in mind the following guidelines:
  • Trash and recycling must be at the curb before 7 am each scheduled trash day.
  • Trash must be placed in a container no more than 30 gallons in size and weighing 40 pounds or less.
  • Private haulers pick up paper and mixed container recycling on alternate weeks based on their recycling collection calendars.
  • Recycling collection calendars are available from your contracted waste hauler (calendar links).
  • Weeks containing holidays will often alter the curbside pickup schedule, typically delaying pick-up by one day. Refer to your waste hauler's recycling collection calendar or call your hauler for details.
  • If your trash or recycling are not picked up as expected, contact your waste hauler to find out why.
  • Recycling bins are available for purchase at the Transfer Station and the Department of Public Works.

2) Pay-As-You-Throw Program
The Pay-As-You-Throw program is available to Amherst residents who generate a small quantity of trash and recycling and are willing to transport it to the Amherst Transfer Station and Recycling Center as needed.

Participants agree to purchase and use only prepaid bags for trash. There is no cost for disposal of recyclable paper and mixed containers. Conscientious recycling can significantly reduce the amount of trash generated, reducing dependency on (and cost of) prepaid trash bags.

Purchase of a Vehicle Sticker for the Transfer Station is required.

Special and Bulky Trash
Household clean-outs and renovations can produce bulky waste items such as appliances, computers, furniture, and mattresses.

In many cases your waste hauler will pick up bulky items from your curb for an additional fee. Call your hauler’s office for specifics.

Alternatively, if you have a Transfer Station Vehicle Sticker, you may bring bulky trash to the Transfer Station. Fees are charged for some items to cover a portion of the disposal cost, are payable by cash or check at the time of disposal.  Copies of these fees can also be found at the Transfer Station and the Department of Public Works.

Contractors performing work for customers in Amherst may bring trash, construction, demolition materials, and recycling to the Transfer Station as long as they have a valid Commercial Vehicle Sticker.