Contacting Town Meeting Members

New Ways to Contact Your Town Meeting Members

The Town of Amherst has now provided a new portal that the public can use to contact Town Meeting Members via email. This new email portal will enable the public to communicate easily with Town Meeting Members about issues that will come before Town Meeting.

This list includes only those Town Meeting members who have chosen to share their email addresses.

Correspondence shared using this distribution list is considered a public record and subject to the public record law.

By Email

Members of the Amherst public who wish to contact Town Meeting representatives may send an email to the following mailboxes. Messages will be forwarded to the appropriate Town Meeting Member precinct groups directly. Messages will go to all representatives for whom we have email addresses for a given precinct, rather than to individual members only.

Please include your name, address, and voting precinct in all communications.
Click here for a searchable map of precincts.

If there is any Town Meeting member who would like to be added to their precinct list, please email with your request. Please provide your name, address, precinct and preferred email address.

By Regular Mail

A listing of the current Town Meeting Members by name and address is available for download (PDF)

By phone

The Amherst League of Women Voters lists Town Meeting Members with phone numbers at (external link)

Other Town Meeting Announcements

The next Annual Town Meeting is April 26, 2017.
For more information visit the Town Meeting page at