Transportation Advisory Committee

Next Meeting: September 12th, 2017 at 4:00 PM. Town Room at Town Hall.

TAC Membership

Year Appointed
Term End Year
Sandra Anderson 2016 2019
Bruce Carson 2017 2019
Aaron Hayden 2016 2018
Rabib Rafiq 2016 2018
Richard Roznoy (Chair) 2016 2019
Kimberly Tremblay 2016 2020
Eve Vogel 2016 2018

Complete Streets Program

The TAC has advised that the Town of Amherst participate in the Complete Streets program, a MassDOT funded initiative.

"A Complete Street is one that provides safe and accessible options for all travel modes - walking, biking, transit and vehicles – for people of all ages and abilities.

Designing streets with these principles contributes toward the safety, health, economic viability and quality of life in a community by improving the pedestrian and vehicular environments. Providing safer, more accessible and comfortable means of travel between home, school, work, recreation and retail destinations helps promote more livable communities."   
-MassDOT website

Further information on the program can be found in the documents listed below, or by visiting the MassDOT Complete Streets website.

Complete Streets Info
Complete Streets Funding Article


The Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) shall consist of 7 voting members appointed by the Select Board for 3 year terms, whose initial and succeeding terms shall be staggered so that to the maximum extent possible an equal number expire in each year.

In selecting members to the TAC, the Select Board shall include to the extent possible a balance of residents reflecting interest in roadway improvements, parking, public transit, bicycle transportation, and pedestrian transportation. The Select Board may consider appointment of members of the former Transportation Task Force; Public Works Committee; Public Transit, Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee; and Downtown Parking Working Group.

Particular attention will be paid in making appointments to have some of the members with experience or knowledge of transportation systems, operations, services or facilities.

The TAC may appoint subcommittees which may include residents who are not members of the TAC, to advise the TAC on any area that falls within their charge.


The TAC will serve as an advisory committee to the Town Manager and the Select Board on all transportation matters. The intent of creation of the TAC is to enable the Town to address all transportation matters in a comprehensive and holistic manner. The TAC will advise the Select Board and the Town Manager on current and proposed transportation regulations, policies, initiatives, and improvement projects. The TAC will regularly report to the Select Board in writing, at meetings, and upon request. The Chair of the TAC or their designee shall serve as the contact person for the TAC and shall communicate to the Select Board and/or the Town Manager on the TAC’s work program, activities, and recommendations.

With the Town Manager or designated staff, the TAC will develop comprehensive, clear and consistent procedures for residents to request transportation improvements or regulatory changes. These procedures shall establish a single point of communication between residents and the Town relating to all transportation matters, and to establish a single process by which requests are evaluated and prioritized.

The TAC will:
  • Apply two major documents to their work, the Amherst Master Plan and the Amherst Transportation Plan. The Amherst Transportation Plan is a document created to guide the Town toward an economically and environmentally sustainable, multi-modal transportation system that accommodates all members of the Amherst Community. The Plan provides for the safe, convenient and efficient movement of people and goods throughout the Town and connecting with other communities. The Plan is consistent with the goals and objectives set forth in the Amherst Master Plan.
  • Establish and periodically update a work program that will track, evaluate and prioritize all transportation issues as specified in the Amherst Transportation Plan, Amherst Master Plan, and as requested by the Select Board, or the Town Manager and departments reporting to the Town Manager, or other Town Boards and Committees dealing with Transportation issues. Requests raised by citizens will be reviewed and recommendations made as appropriate. This Work Program will include costs, timeframes priorities, and responsible parties for all transportation projects;
  • Establish liaison relationships with other Town committees and boards that deal with transportation issues and regularly communicating with the Chair of those groups;
  • Solicit public input on the need for, and the scope of major projects or projects with significant impact proposed by Town officials or requested by petitioners; however, the committee shall not pre-empt the Scenic Road jurisdiction of the Planning Board conferred by MGL Chapter 40;
  • Evaluate based on recommendations by the Superintendent of Public Works, the Town Engineer, the Planning Director, the Chief of Police, and such other sources as they find appropriate, the Town's road, sidewalk, drainage, traffic circulation systems, public transportation, and bicycle facilities, and to recommend priorities for their maintenance, repair, extension and reconstruction;
  • Advise the Select Board and the Town’s representative to the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority on matters related to public transportation;
  • Recommend the designation and development of commuter and recreational routes and facilities for users of public transportation, bicyclists and pedestrians;
  • Review plans for subdivisions or development of land as they affect the transportation system of the Town;
  • Review Town bylaws and other local regulations and requirements that affect public transit, bicycling and walking and making recommendations regarding these bylaws, regulations or requirements and their enforcement;
  • Foster public awareness of the rules for safe use of public transit, bicycle and pedestrian facilities and advocate and promote the use of these activities;
  • Review and made recommendations to implement recommendations of the Downtown Parking Working Group;
  • Continue to identify short, medium, and long range strategies to maximize the efficiency and availability of the parking supply in downtown and the village areas of Amherst;
  • Establish TAC working groups including subcommittees as needed for further analysis of specific requests or projects; 
The TAC will meet as often as required (generally at least monthly) and all meetings including subcommittees will be subject to the Open Meeting Law. All TAC materials agendas, summaries, Work Program, meeting minutes, etc. will be publically accessible on the Town’s website in a timely manner.

The TAC will be supported by staff as determined by the Town Manager, generally including the Superintendent of Public Works or designee, Director of Planning or designee, and Police Chief or designee.

The TAC shall take the place of the functions of the Public Works Committee, the Public Transportation, Bicycle, and Pedestrian Committee, and the Downtown Parking Working Group once the Working Group has completed its initial phases of work estimated to be summer 2018.