We Want to Hear from You

Let us know what you think. Here is where you'll find links to all the different ways you can talk to us. Keep coming back to see how you can engage with the Charter Commission.

Listening Workshops

Attend a listening workshop to participate in a round-table discussion of your opinions on Amherst's government and services. More will be scheduled in the new year to hear thoughts on potential legislative and executive organizational structures.

  • November 9, 2016, 6:30-8:30 pm, Amherst Survival Center


Submit a comment through the Initial Public Input Form.


Have a topic you want to talk to us, or other about? Join our discussion group and start a discussion topic. This is the place to put your ideas about local government structure out there for others to see and talk about.


Send the entire Commission an email.
Survival Center Flyer-2016-11-09
Here's a sampling of photos from our outreach events. Thank you to Kevin Collins for supplying some of the pictures from the Block Party on September 15, 2016.