Downtown Parking Working Group

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This website will be under construction.  In the meantime, to view the wealth of information available from the downtown parking forums - as well as the final Downtown Parking Report, click here.

Committee charge summary

The Downtown Parking Working Group will use the Downtown Parking Report dated 10-23-15 to refine and present prioritized parking recommendations to the Select Board for action, which often includes legally mandated public hearings. The Downtown Parking Working Group’s first actions will include: 
  1. Review existing materials, including the Downtown Parking Report dated 10-23-15, Transportation Plan 2015, Master Plan, parking utilization studies, and current parking fees, permits, and fines revenue and usage patterns, in order to effectively
  2. Identify short, medium, and long range strategies to maximize the efficiency and availability of the existing downtown parking supply, and present those strategies to all sending bodies, as well as
  3. Identify the necessary baseline information required prior to further consideration of a new downtown parking facility
Members are responsible for regularly communicating the work of the Downtown Parking Working Group to their designating bodies and other stakeholders, and in turn regularly bringing the concerns of their designating bodies and other stakeholders to the Downtown Parking Working Group. All members are responsible for substantive public outreach and stakeholder input, including residents and partner organizations e.g., the Lord Jeffrey Inn, University-Town of Amherst Collaborative, the Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Amherst Business Improvement District (BID), prior to recommendations being made to the Select Board. Members will maintain their webpage. 

The issues related to parking are complex, involve multiple property owners and stakeholders with often disparate needs and requirements, and are intertwined with various regulations controlled by different authorities. Creating significant changes to one set of regulations could result in unintended consequences. Parking outside of the downtown area can also be impacted by downtown parking adjustments, e.g., influence on rental permit parking plans, potential licensing of private parking currently taking place in the public way, etc., but the Downtown Parking Working Group is focused only on downtown parking at this time.
7 members, each with 1-year terms. Composition: (1) current member from, as designated by: Select Board, Planning Board, Public Works Committee, and one downtown commercial property owner; one downtown business owner or manager; one downtown residential tenant or homeowner; and an at-large resident preferably with parking management or related experience
Member Name
VACANT   2018 At-large
Christine Gray-Mullen, Chair
2018 Public Works Rep.
Wendy Jones Boisseau 2016 2018 Property Owner
Connie Kruger 2016 2018 Select Board Rep.
Rabib Rafiq 2016 2018 Resident
Richard Roznoy 2016 2018 Planning Board Rep.
Matthew Yee 2016 2018 Downtown Business Manager