Reports & Presentations

The following are copies of reports that have been compiled over the years by the fire department or on behalf of the town by outside consultants. The reports address primarily the staffing level of the fire department or the need for a new or additional fire station. Each report is prefaced with a brief explanation of the purpose of the report and highlights of the findings. The reports are listed in reverse chronological order with the most recent being at the top.

Finance Committee Presentation - Call volume & activity summaries & trends, 2016:

This is a compilation of statistics and charts showing the call volume for the Fire Department that was presented to the finance committee in February 2016. The data is separated into various groupings including Fire versus EMS calls, distribution of calls geographically and demographically by age groups. Trends over the past five and forty years are also shown. Click here for PDF of report.

ISO Report, 2009:

The ISO (Insurance Services Office) reviews fire departments around the country on a fifteen year cycle and rates each one. The rating is used primarily for setting the insurance rates for buildings in each city/town. This is a copy of the most recent ISO report done for the Amherst Fire Department in 2009. Click here for PDF of report.

Station Committee Report, 2006:

This is the report that was compiled for the town in 2006 to look at the needs for replacing the Central Fire Station and/or building a new station in another part of the town.

Click here for PDF of report.

Click here for presentation given to the selectboard by the committee on 9/08/2006.

Reorganization Committee Report, 2003:

In 2003 a joint committee of members from the fire department and town government looked at the current organizational structure of the fire department and made recommendations relative to changing the structure for efficiency and to meet existing and anticipated growth in the department’s call volume.   Click here for PDF of report.

Fire needs committee report, 1981:

In 1981 a comprehensive study was done of the fire department. Although now over thirty years old the study is an interesting read giving some historical perspective and still has some relevance to today’s department. It should be noted that many of the recommendations in the study were implemented over the subsequent decades, such as expanding the department’s fire prevention efforts and increased use of the Call and Student Forces. It should also be noted that at the time of the study the minimum on-duty staffing of fulltime firefighters was five or six, while today it has only increased to a minimum of seven or eight, despite the department’s annual call volume for fire and EMS calls having increased by over 175%.  Click here for PDF of report.