Learn About

  1. A to Z Disposal Guide

    Review our disposal guide for recycling and disposing of trash.

  2. Amherst's Health Clinic

    The Amherst Health Department offers a variety of clinics throughout the year. Immunization clinics are scheduled monthly and accessible by appointment. A Rabies clinic is scheduled annually, as well as Seasonal Flu Clinics.

  3. Animal Welfare

    Stray (impounded) dogs as well as dog licenses can be picked up at the shelter.

  4. Assessor's Exemptions

    Find out about exemptions for religious and personal

  5. Foam Ban

    On November 19, 2012 the Town of Amherst Massachusetts passed a bylaw prohibiting food establishments and Town facility users from dispensing prepared foods to customers in disposable food service containers made from expanded polystyrene (EPS commonly referred to as polystyrene foam), effective January 1, 2014.

  6. Free Public WiFi Downtown

    See how to access the wifi network downtown.

  7. Hazardous & Special Waste Collections

    Products containing lead, mercury, petroleum products, pesticides, herbicides, and some acids should NOT be poured on the ground, down the drain, or placed in household trash.

  8. Immigrant Community Members Services

    Amherst Police personnel do not make inquiries into the immigration status of crime victims, witnesses or others who request our assistance. We do not use the threat of immigration status/deportation as leverage with victims, witnesses or suspects.

  9. Important Tax Dates

    Take a look at important tax due dates.

  10. Local Health Issues

    Learn about local health issues Amherst if facing.

  11. Marijuana- Recreational & Medical

  12. Parking in Amherst

    Find where you can park in Amherst, parking permits, rates and fees, parking during winter weather and much more.

  13. Public Art in Amherst

    The Amherst Public Art Commission fosters a greater community awareness of the interaction with public art, and through public art, promotes cultural diversity and an improved quality of life for Amherst's citizens.

  14. Recycling & Trash Disposal Fees

    View a list of disposal fees.

  15. Temporary Handicap Parking Placard

    Residents of Amherst who have a temporary or chronic condition which substantially limits their mobility are eligible to apply for a Town of Amherst Handicap Parking Placard.

  16. Upcoming Zoning Plans

    View upcoming zoning plans.

  17. Waste Reduction Opportunities

    Despite the fact that the U.S. constitutes 5% of the world’s population, we generate 30% of its trash. The average American creates a staggering 4.5 pounds of rubbish daily.

  18. Watershed Protection

    Since 1940, the Town of Amherst has maintained significant watershed forest holdings to protect its reservoirs and underground water supplies.

  19. Wetlands Protection & Permitting

    Under Massachusetts General Law the term “wetlands”, is defined as wet meadows, marshes, swamps, bogs, areas where groundwater, flowing or standing surface water or ice provide a significant part of the supporting substrate for a plant community for at least five months of the year; emergent and submergent plant communities in inland waters; that portion of any bank which touches any inland waters.