Public Off-Street Metered Parking

NOTE: This page is currently under construction, more information to follow.

Public Off-Street Metered Parking

As shown on the maps for the Town Center Permits, as listed on the Town's website, and as inventoried in the 2008 PVPC study, there are approximately 407 public off-street metered parking spaces downtown spread across eight lots. The following is a preliminary overview:
Lot Spaces Limit
 Town-owed North Pleasant Street Lot 72 8 Hours 8am-8pm
Boltwood Garage 107
4 Hours 8am-8pm
Boltwood Garage, Lower Level*
80 4 Hours
Town Hall Lot 18 4 Hours 8am-8pm
Amity (Cinema) Lot 33 3 Hours 8am-6pm
Kellogg Lot 4 2 Hours 8am-6pm
Lower Bangs Lot 21 2 Hours 8am-6pm
North Common Lot 34 2 Hours 8am-6pm
Spring Street Lot 38 2 Hours 8am-6pm

*Boltwood Garage Lower Level includes some reserved spaces. Also, the lower level is a designated area for parking during the winter parking ban.

Summary of 2008 PVPC Study coming soon

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