E. Pleasant and Triangle Streets Improvements

Last Updated: December 19, 2016

Current Status:   Three construction projects will continue through the end of the construction season. 
  1. Department of Public Works crews will continue installing underground conduit on Triangle St and across East Pleasant St requiring road closures and detours as needed.
  2. Warner Brothers LLC will continue with the installation of concrete sidewalks on and around Kendrick Park.
  3. Cutler Associates has begun the demolition work at 1 East Pleasant St (Carriage Shops).
The sidewalk is closed at this location. Pedestrians are advised to follow the detour signs, using the crosswalks and avoid walking in the road. 

Project Scope:  This project will improve the intersection function during peak traffic times.

Project History:  At the February 2016 Public Works Commission meeting a design was proposed, considered, and with some slight amendments made, a motion was moved in its favor (Passed 5-0-0).  On March 14th, 2016, the plan concept was approved by the Selectboard at their meeting.

Comments:        Comments can be sent to publicworks@amherstma.gov and will be posted on this page.

New Conceptual Plan :
            E. Pleasant St. and Triangle Street, Conceptual Plan of Roundabout 
Additional Engineering Information:

                    Pedestrian Activity (CDM)
                    Channelized Turn Lanes (CDM)
                    Updated Analysis (CDM)

Old Conceptual plans:   
                    E. Pleasant St. Preliminary Plans, 9/10/2015
                   Triangle Street Study

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Triangle Street Comments:
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