Lincoln Sunset LHD Study Committee

The Lincoln Sunset Local Historic District Study Committee, established under the provision of Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40C and appointed by the Select Board, is studying whether the area in and around the Lincoln-Sunset and the Prospect-Gaylord National Historic Register Districts be included in a local historic district.  

Local historic districts regulate changes to exterior architectural features visible from a public way and have the ability to prevent demolitions and inappropriate alterations within a district.  

The committee will follow a timeline (click here to download and view) required by the Massachusetts Historical Commission that includes:
Study and assessment of the proposed area
Survey of residents to learn their preferences for preservation and for a local historic district
Develop a Preliminary Study Report
Hold Public Hearing to inform citizens and present report to the Planning Board and Select Board
Review bylaw
Propose Local Historic District to Town Meeting

Map of Proposed District
Property owner letter and survey
Flow chart for establishing an LHD
Summary Points and FAQs used when presenting the Dickinson Local Historic District to Town Meeting in 2012
Existing Local Historic District Bylaw (Pg. 74 of the General Bylaws)

Massachusetts Historical Commission’s publication page (scroll down to section “Local Governments”)—all the links there provide information about Local Historic Districts: 

Massachusetts General Law Ch. 40C:


* Appointed by Select Board: 7 members / 3-year terms
Members Year Appointed Term Expiration
Maurianne Adams 2016 2017

Steve Bloom, Chair, At-large



Suzannah Fabing



Bill Gillen, Architect 2016 2017

Phil Shaver, Historical Society



Ann Sutliff, Realtor 2014 2017
Ed Wilfert 2016 2017