Kendrick Park

Kendrick Park
Wednesday Market at Kendrick Park
Information available at for information on the Wednesday market where local farmers, artisans, musicians and folks of all ages come together to celebrate and support local agriculture.
Location: East Pleasant Street, Amherst

Kendrick park is located at the north end of downtown Amherst. The park has a variety of mature tree species that are both native and non native. Sugar maples, white pines, honey locusts, london planetrees, norway spruce, and littleleaf lindens are just a few of the many different tree species scattered throughout the park.

The idea for the park was born in the early part of the last century. In 1930 when George Smith Kendrick conceived the idea of a park at the ''island location'', the Town of Amherst had only one centrally located park, Sweetser Park. Because of the proximity of the ''island'' to the town center it is rich with history. Its pattern has been constantly changing and the most recent changes are a result of George and Jenny S. Kendrick's generous trust.  

The land is made up of 10 parcels, which once contained 11 houses. These houses were either demolished or relocated to vacant building lots in town. The last house was moved off the lot in 2010 to a parcel on Gray St. which initiated a master plan process with a goal to redevelop the park as a focal point for the downtown business district. To find out more about the history of Kendrick Park, click here. To view the design ideas for Kendrick Park, click here.