Temporary Handicap Parking Placard

Handicap Parking Placard Guidelines

Residents of Amherst who have a temporary or chronic condition which substantially limits their mobility are eligible to apply for a Town of Amherst Handicap Parking Placard. These placards allow residents to park in handicapped spaces within Amherst. This placard WILL NOT extend any privileges beyond town limits or the University of Massachusetts, Amherst College or Hampshire College.

A placard may be obtained from the Amherst Health Department. An application is required to be completed by a physician and state the condition and the expected duration of the disability; applications should be returned to the Amherst Health Department, 70 Boltwood Walk, Amherst MA 01002.

The placard shall be hung on the car's rear view mirror while parked and removed before the vehicle is in motion. A placard is restricted to use by the authorized person. If a placard is used by any person other than the authorized person, the placard will be revoked. Recipients must be aware of the expiration date and renew the permit if necessary. Expired placards may be ticketed.

1.) Download, print and fill out below application
    or obtain application from the Health Department (call for appointment: 413-259-3241)
2.) Fax or bring to your physician to be completed
3.) Fax completed application to the Health Department (413-259-2404)
    or bring to Health Department (call for appointment: 413-259-3077)
4.) Receive temporary placard
Handicap Parking Placard Application (PDF)